The Kaleidoscopic vision:
A transformative process

This vision melts into a powerful regenerative energy. Everything becomes possible! Life evolves into a great revelation, and your only desire is to share this immense happiness. A profound metamorphosis takes place. The emotion that drives you is a tremendous activator for contemplation. The kaleidoscopic vision of clear knowledge transforms your life.

  • Everyone
  • A feeling of overall serenity
  • Less conflictual interpersonal relationships through open, shared dialogue
  • Development of the power of intention and the ability to live in the present moment
  • Renewed strength to overcome challenges more easily
  • Reduced sense of powerlessness to deal with life’s adversities
  • Better directed life goals in harmony with your values
  • Positive impacts in your actions
  • Encounter your authenticity, a path to fulfilled leadership

An Evolving program

Together, we establish the frequency of discussions and/or meetings according to your availability. It’s a personalized program based on three paths (Back to Basics, Meditative, Pure Consciousness) with suggested readings and listening to videos and podcasts adapted to your reality.

As you begin your personal journey, you will be offered essential meditative moments to cultivate the state of gracefulness induced by the present moment.


Back to basics




Pure consciousness

BM_Accueil envol héron 2
  • With my unique personal and professional background, I offer you in a relaxed atmosphere a conversation that stimulates you to open your heart and connect with your deepest nature.
  • Having gone through and overcome hardships of life, in the light of my resilience experience, I invite you to a universe that will take you back to the sources of the person you are.
  • Diving into the unknown is an act of faith and an act of self-love.
  • Get in tune with your values in line with your future aspirations.
  • Be better equipped to cope with life’s struggles; eliminate the heaviness you sometimes feel and thus make room for gratitude.
  • Establish a pace of balanced life.

A personalized approach

Brigitte gently listens and works out your priorities with you. With patience and conviction, you will be led to begin or continue introspection to visualize the attainment of transcendence and access the richness of your heart.

Inspiring talks, enriching videos/podcasts

My talks aim to have an impact on our preconceived ideas and thought processes. I present my convincing syntheses on health topics. Through these innovative encounters, I seek to inspire awareness of approaches that put the patient first. The patient is at the heart of the relationship.

My message addresses the alliance of various therapeutic approaches: conventional, integrative and holistic medicine. Multiple curative approaches focus on the fundamental needs of the individual. I’m a believer in the middle way. My guests, health professionals or experts in transformation processes, will talk to you via videos/podcasts.

My talks are dedicated to health professionals, companies wishing to offer their teams sources of motivation and relational openness, or any general audience. My topics are tailored to your needs: leadership, health, mindfulness, etc. Are you looking to improve the atmosphere in your workplace and soothe your interpersonal relationships? I’m here for you!