I've found my way, I've found my voice.

“I pursue my goal of inspiring beauty, gratitude and health.”


Pharmacist, Fellow OPQ, mentor and speaker

Brigitte was just 23 when she began building a solid business background. She has been a pharmacist owner for nearly 30 years. As a team leader, Brigitte has put forward proactive management strategies and models that have proven their worth to herself and her teams.

My desire is to help individuals create real change by transforming the way they perceive their environment. Set a course for self-discovery through a process of introspection with multiple benefits: a direct cohesion between the desire for self-fulfillment and the satisfaction of interpersonal relationships. Your personal and professional goals will become more defined and structured.

Through my sessions, I act as a catalyst to harmonize the heart-mind connection. This connection brings a new vision to help you regain control of your health, lifestyle habits and overall well-being.”


A Kaleidoscopic vision

The kaleidoscopic vision allows us to take a broader look. Without any judgment, this openness, though external to oneself, is in fact drawn from the depths of oneself, like a contact established between all the energy centers directly linked to mindfulness. 

This insight enables you to see all possibilities; horizons open up and your choices become simpler, generating new perspectives. Your presence will have more impact in your dialogue and relationships. You’ll experience less inner duality. All this is substituted by a benevolent inner language.

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Come into your own
and optimize your health

We all aspire to excellence for ourselves and our loved ones. Coming into your own suggests finding your deepest motivation. Self-awareness and the development of optimal health are the keys to fulfillment. These elements are portals to the achievement of balanced physical, mental and psychospiritual health. This approach is a step towards the integral realization of your being.

I accompany my clients in a deep understanding of the mind-body connection so that they discover their best selves and embrace a higher level of vitality, energy and joy. They develop heightened awareness and make lucid decisions leading to a life full of possibilities with conviction rooted in their core. By finding one’s path and voice, a clear alignment is established towards one’s life mission for direct access to one’s apogee.